Web Development

8 Key Stages in the Web App Development Process

Web App is one of the most fundamental tools for one to survive in a certain industry such as the business world. Web app assists an individual to survive in the ever-accelerating market competition. This article gives the guide on the Stages in the Web App Development Process

1. Brainstorming on an Agenda

This is the 1st step. It involves the establishment of an objective and the actual purpose of developing a particular web application. The defined roadmap is going to follow so as to map a proper direction to a project.

2. Identification of Target audience

This is where the web developer is going to define his or her intended audience forjhgvhjgvjgh the web application. Here, one is required to prepare a proper analytics report. This must include information such as the type of audience, the internet access capability of the audience, security levels and the quantitative statistics of the audience.

3. Building a document for functional specification

Functional specification or the featured summary document is one of the most significant documents when it comes to App development project. This is going to assist in the elimination of any confusion in the future. The document lists all the functionalities and specifications of developing Web App. However, it’s hard to detail the behavior of every user when it comes to large projects. For such reports, one should prepare a featured summary document and use it.

4. Identification and analysis of 3rd party vendors

Developing a web app is an economic process, more so if it is outsourced. 3rd party vendors must be identified. These parties include; payment gateways, merchant accounts, fulfillment centers, web app development companies, firewall, networks service providers for servers, load balancer equipment, and SSL service providers

5. Technology selection and specification of timeframe and the App Structure

This is the stage where the technology, app development platform, the framework as well as the environment are defined. The timeline of achieving the web app development is determined at this stage.

6. Layout designing and wireframing

The interface and layout design are considered to be the most critical stages of the web development project. It starts with visual instructions and creation of simple UI sketch. Upon the acceptance of interface and interaction model, project design implementation follows

7. Application Development

mrgkjghnkjnhkjThis stage is all about creation of App architecture and framework, design of database structures, development of modules, class and the libraries as well as implementation of functionalities mentioned in the specification document

8. Testing

This is the final phase in Stages in the Web App Development Process. The step involves Question and Answer trial and bug fixing. Each developing App must follow all suitable testing techniques which include load testing, performance, stress testing, and usability.
The above are the key Stages in the Web App Development Process. Any application which is tested well is ready for release. If an individual follows the proper steps, then the implementation will be easier.