Things You Need To Know When Using Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is an excellent way to reach your customers in an instant. Text messaging is a challenge since you have to get permission from your clients before you start sending them texts. Failure to get their permission can put you in big trouble. However, if you do it the right way it can convert into a huge number of subscribers in a short time. Many companies are using theĀ text message marketing because of its efficiency. If you are thinking about using text message marketing, then you should use the information in this article to be on the safe side.

General information

Provide value

kjkjkjkjnnmmYou should ensure that you give your subscribers value. Give your customers something worth their time. Do not use one campaign over and over again. It will be boring, and you will also reduce your users drastically.

Make sure that you always send fresh content. Moreover, your users will look forward to reading your text if you make it attractive. You need them to subscribe and thus you have to go the extra mile to engage them positively. Keep it short and precise to the point.

Use simple language

Using text messaging is not the time to use language that your subscribers cannot understand; you should go straight to the point. Remember your people are busy and if you do not go straight to the point, then you may lose them. You should avoid using short form in your text. You also need to appear professional in every chance you get. Some customers will not look twice at any text with shortened words. You should always be professional even when using the short message service.

Frequency of text

Sending your users texts every time is a sure way to make them opt out of your service. You can keep it to a minimum of about two to four texts. You do not want to annoy your subscribers. It is advisable that your subscribers know when you will be sending them the texts. It is also good to inform them how many texts they will receive from your company in a month.

Text in normal hours

jkkkmmIf you send a text message in the middle of the night, then the subscribers may not read that text. Early morning is also not the best time to send a text to your customers. Therefore, it is important to have proper timing. You should send the text during business hours. Furthermore, if you send the message at night, then there will be no action from your subscriber’s side.…