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Benefits of buying a gaming tv

Who doesn’t love gaming? Technology has played a vital role in our society because most of our daily activities involve technology and if you are a gamer, then there’s no compromise. Every day there’s something new being invented. I still remember the days when we had big bulky CRT monitor then came the super slim LCD monitor and now it’s LED.

You have to upgrade your GPU every year for new games. Gaming companies are coming with more interactive games than ever. Every year the graphics are getting better and better, the size of the games are getting huge, and we are enjoying them even more. The graphics quality is so much better that the characters now look like actual living thing with an amazing gaming experience. If you have a Virtual Reality device, then it surpasses everything.

Gaming TV

Smoother Gaming Experiencesadasdsadsad

If you sometimes play video games on the television then you know that is provides a good gaming experience. It provides better and smoother gaming experience. The pictures are so perfect which takes it to another level.

Higher Refresh Rates

With a gaming tv, you will get higher refresh rate. Different brands call it by different names. It’s the time to process the images which are measured in hertz. New and advanced technologies that deliver over a billion rich colors, smoother motion, and elevated brightness

Input Lag

Input lag is the biggest factor for any hardcore gamer. It’s the time your TV takes to display when getting a signal and respond after pressing the button on your controller. The lower the input lag, the better. So yeah with gaming tv the input lag is less.

Anything under 25ms is the best to have. If you are playing a game like Fifa or PES where you need quick reflexes, faster input then you should buy a gaming tv. Cause we know that, just a second input lag can be the difference between winning and losing.


This is the time for 4K resolution. With gaming tv, you are getting full HD 4k resolution with better picture quality like never before with little motion blur. But keep in mind most of the consoles doesn’t support output resolution greater than full HD so no point over spending for strong image quality.

Display Technology

Advanced display technologies like IPS, HDR that deliver over a billion rich colors, smoother motion, and elevated brightness & vibrant display.

Gaming Mode

All gaming tv comes with a gaming mode display option. Which is pretty handy for a gamer because with gaming mode option the input lag can reduce by 80%.


The sound is what makes the experience even better. Gaming TVs comes with better sound quality or provides a sound bar with tv for better sound quality.


If you play Fifa or hold tournaments at your home with your friends, then a gaming tv is a must for you. With bigger screen size and better refresh rate, the experience will be awesome, and you will enjoy it more.…