A security camera system is vital for every home or business owner who wishes to protect his or her properties. However, not just any surveillance system offered in the market can do the job. Buying the right unit can be challenging considering that most people who wish to install monitoring systems are new to these gadgets. Therefore, they do not know what to look for in a security camera system during shopping. Besides reading security camera reviews, here are are a few things you must take into account before buying a surveillance camera system.

Features For A SURVEILLANCE System

Type of the Surveillance System

Depending on your security needs, you have two types of surveillance systems toadcasCaSCas choose from- indoor and outdoor systems. Choose indoor cameras if you need to keep an eye on your house helps, babysitters, caretakers and any other person at home while you are away. Such cameras usually produce very high-quality pictures and allow you to monitor multiple rooms at a time.

A security camera is ideal for individuals that intend to ward-off or catch ill-meaning people who might target your home. Such surveillance can be incredibly obvious or discrete. Pick the one that suits your needs. They are protected from the insults of nature. You can install outdoor cameras to monitor specific areas or multiple areas to protect your entire property.

Image Resolution

The importance of any security system is in its ability to provide clear images to enable the user to decipher details of the recordings. Normally, these systems have resolutions of 350 to 400 TV lines ( TVL ), but high-resolution models have resolutions of TVL of 480 to 800. The higher the resolution, the clearer and more accurate the image produced.

Wired or Wireless

Wired cameras are difficult to install and the wires may look cumbersome on the property. However, they provide superior quality images compared to the wireless modes. Wireless cameras, on the other hand, are discrete and easier to install but are inferior to the wired models when it comes to image quality.

The Coverage

sdvcsdcvdDVdsvcLenses are designed to cover areas of different sizes. While some cameras have lenses that aim directly in front of them, others are designed to cover large space. Wide-angle models can cover larger space than the typical ones while pan-tilt-zoom cameras can videotape a 360-degree view. The latter models are suited for outdoor surveillance.

Analog or Digital

The homeowner must access the image or video captured by the security camera system. This happens either digitally via Internet Protocol (IP) or closed-circuit system (analog). The IP camera connects to the owner’s Internet network, while the analog system converts the analog signal into digital one before processing the footage. The advantage of the analog system is that it does not require Internet connection and can record endlessly.…


Ways To Renew Your Old Computer

As technology marches on, our household computers can quickly fall behind. nkjbgjgbjkgjHowever, just because a computer is already a few years old, it isn’t always necessary to rush off and buy a new one. There may be ways to upgrade your existing tech for only a little hassle and a fraction of the cost. This may be perfect if you’re looking to install a new game, or simply want to improve performance. Here are some simple steps you can take to refresh your old machine.

Ways to renew your old computer’s software.

If your computer is running slowly, the first step to consider is the good old fashioned clean-up. If you have a spinning hard drive, defragmenting it is a good idea. You can free up memory by deleting any unnecessary or temporary files, or moving them to an external hard drive for storage. Finally, make sure any anti-virus software is up to date. Running virus and malware checks regularly will significantly contribute to performance and online safety.

If all you’re looking for is better performance, consider changing to an operating system that is better suitable to your needs. Running an old OS can make it difficult to install games and play internet media, but a new operating system may run slowly or glitch on outdated hardware. A middle ground is often a good option – consider installing the second-to-last OS version, for example.

There are also alternative operating systems, such as Linux, Chrome OS, and Ubuntu, which run very well on older computers. These may be great options for anyone who is looking to do simple tasks and doesn’t need too many extra features.

If you’re looking to renew your old computer’s performance without installing any jbgjbgjngjnjnew hardware or a new OS, you may wish to look into the programs you are already running. For an OS which is a bit out of date, an older version of the same program may run better and faster. Also, it may be worthwhile to look into how the programs themselves operate – sometimes you can change the settings and optimize their performance. Look into your browser’s history and plug-ins –cleaning these up can often improve a browser’s performance significantly.

Ways to renew your computer’s hardware

If you’re looking to install and play new games, it is often more efficient to simply invest in some new hardware upgrades than to buy a whole new machine. Installing a new video card or RAM will be far less costly, and fairly easy to accomplish. Another excellent and affordable way to renew your old computer is changing an old spinning hard drive to a new solid one.
Finally, buying some external hardware, such as a new monitor, mouse or speakers, can give an old computer that fresh, out-of-the-box feels. Just make sure that any externals you do buy are compatible with your existing system.…


The Best Ways To Keep Your Computer Safe

Today’s digital world faces several threats, from cyber criminals out to steal sensitive financial information, to DDoS attackers trying to steal bandwidth, from ransomware operators to scammers of various hues, and more. New threats emerge by the day. Here are the best ways to keep your computer safe amidst such heightened threats.

Keep the Firewall “On.”

Keeping the firewall “On” or “enabled” is one of the easiest ways to keep yournkjdfbjhgbhje computer safe from Trojans and other suspicious traffic.
The default firewall that comes with Windows home PC offers only “inbound protection,” by blocking suspicious incoming traffic. Installing a two-way firewall that blocks suspicious outbound traffic as well offers security even if the computer already happens to be infected.

Install Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Protection

In today’s age of heightened virus threats, anti-virus, and anti-spyware suites are indispensable to keep your computer safe. Such suits scan the system for virus and other malware and offer real-time protection against threats. These suites block access to harmful sites and prevent the download of malicious files.

Disable File Sharing

A big security danger, often overlooked, is file sharing settings. If file sharing is enabled, anyone connected to the network can access the files in the folder. Make sure file sharing is off for all folders by default, and whenever file sharing is enabled, deactivate it when the need ends. Sharing the root drive is especially dangerous, as it gives automatic access to all the folders and files in the drive.

Download Updates Promptly

hjcvhjfvhjfCyber criminals always discover vulnerabilities in software code, and very few software is totally free from such vulnerabilities. Updates contain fixes for vulnerabilities and ignoring such updates run the risk of cyber attackers infiltrating the system by exploiting the vulnerability. As such, it is always a good idea to download the latest updates issued by software vendors.

Safe Browsing Ways to keep Your Computer Safe

Of all the ways to keep your computer safe, browsing habits rank very high on the list. Cyber criminals are always on the lookout to infiltrate computers and steal valuable information such as financial data and passwords, and they do so by tempting users to click on links and download files containing malware.
Among the top safe browsing habits, avoid dubious websites, refrain from opening unknown or unsolicited email attachments, and do not click on offers which may be tempting, but nevertheless too good to be true. It is also a good idea to install an anti-phishing toolbar, which would block access to a phishing website.…